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About Us

Parapeculiar is a collection of paranormal and occult items, each with its own history. In our museum, you will find items with origins ranging from the early 19th century to contemporary times. 

Damian and Kristian began Parapeculiar after the hobby of collecting paranormal items evolved into more. They realized the collection's stories and historical significance should be shared with the world. Even for non-believers, the artifacts' stories are beyond fascinating.


Damian has a passion for collecting interesting stories and items and sharing them with others. He has had an interest in chasing ghosts, UFOs, and the unexplained since childhood.


Kristian, with degrees in both, has a passion for anthropology and history. She researches the origins of each item to gain further insight and understanding into their provenance and cultural significance.

When not researching or discussing the paranormal and unexplained, Damian and Kristian can be found in the hill country with a telescope discussing the stars and beyond and searching for UFOs. The pair live in the Austin area with their five cats. Yes, five.

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