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As a member of our Patreon community, you will enjoy a host of captivating benefits. Dive into the world of Parapeculiar with behind-the-scenes content, including never-before-seen footage from our investigations and museum exhibits. Immerse yourself in the spectral realm through monthly live Q&A sessions with ParaPeculiar owner, Damian Schillaci, and Nicole Riccardo, our resident psychic medium and Parahouse witch, where you can ask burning questions and gain invaluable insights into the supernatural.



Our patrons also receive special discounts on Parapeculiar merchandise and exclusive invitations to private paranormal investigations hosted by our team. Are you brave enough to explore the dark corners of the supernatural alongside us?



Your support on Patreon directly contributes to the preservation and expansion of the Parapeculiar haunted museum, allowing us to curate more eerie artifacts, conduct in-depth research, and bring you even closer to the paranormal. By joining our Patreon, you become an essential part of our journey, assisting us in shedding light on the unexplained and uncovering the secrets that dwell in the shadows.

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